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I can't get the server to respond.

Is the website down?


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Друзья, не осталось ли у кого-нибудь исходников ljbook? Хотел попробовать починить кодировку, но, пока собирался, они исчезли с И е-мейл не отвечает.
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Might any of you find gentlemen and -women be able to suggest why I cannot make an ljbook out of my journal?
Username + Password are correct.
All the "conversion pages" for all different kinds of info (the reason why there's many different pages eludes me anyway) just say "no unconverted information" and I cannot find any option to convert the entries themselves to utf-8.
It also does not matter if I try it repeatedly or once, the result ist always "No pdf file produced". It would be nice to know at least what caused the error, I can't really believe that this should be impossible to detect in the application. At least it would be interesting to see the pdftex log. I also unchecked all options and restricted the time included, but to know avail.
Any ideas?

Besides that, would it be possible to run this stuff from a local machine? I have a full latex installation and stuff so it would be cool if this was somehow opensourced.
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I have tried a few times now, and even though I don't have "footnoted links" selected, I still end up with page after page of links to tweets, images. how to I put a stop to these?
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Hello LJ Book-folk!

I could really use your help.

I have been trying over the last couple of months to export my LJ to PDF, but unfortunately it always comes up with an error message. I've done the UTF8 encoding, I've triple-checked my password, and I've tried it at different times of day, all to no avail.

I successfully made a PDF a few years back, so I'm not sure why the errors are happening now. Not sure if I should change something on my end or whether there's a bug in the program.

Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi. How can I create reverse LJbook? From my new posts (in the beginning of created pdf file) to old posts since the start of the diary (at the end)?
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I've just exported my rather large LJ to a PDF, and the formatting is lovely... except for comments, where marks like apostrophes show up as an extra large space. Any idea how to remedy this?
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Many thanks to starlancer for the previous post about Comcast and LJbook.

For those of you who'd rather not mess with your network settings, you can also use a proxy server. It took me a few attempts using this route, but it worked. Just remember to change your password afterwards, just in case. :-)

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I don't get a DNS resolution with Comcast DNS servers. If I switch to Google's public DNS I can resolve ljbook to but if I go to that address I get a page for the GNU OS.

EDIT: It is just a Comcast DNS issue, whew. I changed my network settings to use Google's servers (rather than just doing an nslookup on it) and I do get LJBook that way. What's happening is when you just go to the IP address you get a default page for that address. LJbook is hosted at the same address, so you need your browser to pass through the request for the ljbook page along with the port 80 connect requiest, otherwise you get the default page. LJBook is alive and apparently well. Until Comcast fixes this it can be accessed if you're on Comcast by changing your DNS settings.

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